Looking Back: Milestones & Celebrations

The conclusion of the calendar year is an excellent time to reflect on your district’s journey and the accomplishments of students and staff. As the days pass and challenges surface throughout the year, celebrations and accomplishments can easily fade from memory. This post is dedicated to providing one last look at some of the milestones and celebrations that occurred in the life of the St. Joseph School District in 2017.

Addressing Chronic Absenteeism: Then & Now

Chronic absenteeism has been a challenge in St. Joseph, Missouri for over 150 years. It was first identified as a barrier to learning back in 1865 by the first Superintendent of Schools, Edward B. Neely. In his first annual report, he identified irregular attendance as a major obstacle for the community.

High School Scheduling that Works

The decision to adopt a particular high school schedule is certain to generate significant community discussion. Opinions vary about the most effective or most fiscally responsible format. Given the importance and visibility of high schools in most communities, it stands to reason that any proposed change should be subjected to scrutiny. The following post recounts one district’s journey to evaluate the effectiveness of a secondary schedule format.