Returning to the Mission

This post is a follow-up to Avoiding Organizational Shipwreck, which was published on May 3, 2018.

The trauma has come and gone. Emotionally and physically you are spent, but the important work remains undone. How can an individual (or organization) get back up and return to the mission when setbacks feel fresh? While no perfect or standard response exists, maintaining a healthy mindset offers one such path.

Foundations of Healthy Culture

Several complementary practices surrounding honesty and accountability have garnered attention of late. Recent publications from Nate Regier, Kim Scott, and Patty McCord address similar workplace themes without being derivative or simplistic. Each work adds unique value to those seeking to build healthy cultures and improve their leadership.

Creating Places Where Everyone Belongs

Effective practices from the St. Joseph School District will be shared with a state-wide audience this summer at the Missouri Schoolwide Positive Behavior Support Summer Institute in Osage Beach the week of June 18-22. Two breakout sessions and one keynote presentation will be facilitated by district staff. Please see descriptions below for more information about each topic.