Addressing Absenteeism with the PDSA Cycle

The items below are included as part of the St. Joseph School District’s plan-do-study-act (PDSA) plan to address chronic absenteeism. Action steps are grouped thematically and subject to change as the PDSA cycle unfolds. Analysis of action steps is scheduled to occur on a 30 day rotation (30-60-90-120-150 days). During these reflective phases the district’s leadership team will review data for evidence of plan effectiveness.

Community Engagement

  • Pilot the “walking school bus” at Edison Elementary

Instructional Support

  • Implementation of virtual learning platform in grades 9-12 to support credit recovery, academic reassignment, alternative school, homebound instruction, and core instruction

Implementation of Multi-Tiered System of Supports

  • Focus on academics, behavior and attendance.
  • Training and initial implementation for grades K-8.
  • Building awareness of MTSS for grades 9-12

Social Emotional Learning Supports

  • Monitoring of hope and engagement through the Gallup Student Poll
  • Implementation of the Strong Kids curriculum by the middle school counseling department.
  • Implementation of Sprigeo in grades K-12 as an online bully prevention resource.

Data Analysis

  • Reflection and goal-setting based on staff attendance rates from the 16-17 school year
  • District and School Level Attendance Teams Review data every 10 days that result in short term action plans for improvement to be reviewed in principal cohort meetings or K-12 administrator meetings
  • School based attendance teams (meet every 10 days) monitor their building attendance goal and report progress at K-12 administrator meetings

Implementation of district policy and procedures

  • Increased credit requirements (28 credits for 2021 cohort).
  • Revised late work policies for grades 7-12 (1 day per absence).
  • Mandatory summer school in grades 1-8 based upon chronic absenteeism and academic performance.
  • Revised attendance policy with an 8 absence limit per class, per semester for grades 9-12.

Revised reporting and communication procedures

  • Tiered approach to parent communication for K-8 and 9-12.
  • Attendance frequency reports developed in PowerSchool.
  • Attendance letters developed in PowerSchool.

*Initial results of the PDSA plan will be shared in an upcoming post.