Reflections on School Supervision

Periodically administrators are asked by colleagues to participate in an interview for graduate coursework. It’s always an honor to be asked and can be a great reflective experience. Recently a teacher at my school inquired about an interview focused on teacher evaluation. Our district has been using the Network for Educator Effectiveness or NEE model for teacher evaluation for the past few years. My thoughts and observations about our district’s shift to the NEE are provided below.


Navigating the Maze

So you have screened and identified a pool of candidates… now what? You would be surprised about the variance of practices related to site-level interviewing. Below is part two of my literature review on the interview process.


Teacher Interview & Selection: A Review of Literature

Earlier this semester, I had the opportunity to complete a literature review on the teacher interview process as part of my human resources administration course. Since my school was in the process of conducting interviews throughout the writing of this assignment, the application was practical and immediate. Below are some of the findings from one portion of the review.