Providing a Path to Connection with TSIM

The Transfer Student Induction Model, or TSIM was designed to support highly mobile students and their specific social, emotional, and academic needs. Developed the fall of 2010, this model was designed as a Tier 1 support with practical steps to protect an existing school climate.


National PBIS Leadership Forum

Poster Session: Transfer Student Induction within the PBIS Framework

The Transfer Student Induction Model (TSIM) was developed in 2010 at Excelsior Springs Middle School, in Excelsior Springs, Missouri by Chris Hubbuch and Keelie Stucker. Learn more about this process during the poster session at the 2014 National PBIS Leadership Forum.


Supporting Highly Mobile Students: A Strategy

During my three years as an assistant principal I noticed a disturbing trend. Each year students joined our learning community midyear and appeared to feel disconnected and struggle to find success. Despite our best efforts there was no uniform way to track the progress of new students. This issue became more evident as I examined disciplinary data in the spring and noticed the relatively high number of new students with referrals.  This trend surfaced annually and resulted in a predictable reactive response from administration and staff. Clearly something was amiss.