Data Teams in Action

The data team process took center stage on Monday for our second district cohort training. Our facilitator from the Kansas City RPDC led representatives from each school through a series of reflective activities. Time was provided to allow each building team to formulate next steps at their site.


Data Teams: Collective Inquiry to Support Student Learning

Three members of our faculty attended day one of a three part training over data teams on Monday. Our first day outlined principles of effective teamwork, collaboration, and school improvement. The tone for this training was set by viewing an excellent TEDxTalk from John Hattie where he discussed the chart below about effects on student achievement.


Is Your Strength Really a Weakness?

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to attend the Powerful Learning Conference in Missouri. Educational leaders across the state gathered to explore best practices related to inquiry, collaboration, data analysis and instruction. The conference began with a strong message delivered by Dr. Bill Daggett, the Chairman for the International Center for Leadership in Education. One of the first big ideas shared is fundamental to our work as educators, “The purpose of school is not school.” Daggett challenged the notion that we might become good at something that doesn’t matter long-term. Similar to what Will Richardson argued in his book Why School?, Daggett seemed to be arguing that we  need school to be different rather than better. Our students will pay a tremendous price if we become proficient at the wrong things.