Edcamp Leadership: Kansas City

Over ten locations hosted an #edcampldr event earlier today. The Kansas City site was full of energy and optimism focused on supporting innovation and addressing challenges. Crossroads Academy provided a welcoming and learner-friendly environment to connect with participants and explore topics of interest. Special thanks to the leadership at Crossroads Academy for opening their campus to this event. Thanks as well to our nine regional organizers who brought this vision to reality.


What Makes Your Top Five?

Reading is an important part of my professional life. That wasn’t the case early in my career, but as my commitment to continuous improvement deepened, I realized the essential role it played in my development. My preference is for works of nonfiction touching on themes of leadership, social intelligence, creativity and innovation.


As I reflect over the past decade or so, several books continue to resonate and influence my thinking, actions and aspirations as an educator and individual. I’ve been reflecting a lot this week as I followed a conference virtually through social media and completed the requirements for my internship at Saint Louis University. It’s hard to process new information or past experiences without themes from my favorite professional readings emerging.