Looking Back: Milestones & Celebrations

The conclusion of the calendar year is an excellent time to reflect on your district’s journey and the accomplishments of students and staff. As the days pass and challenges surface throughout the year, celebrations and accomplishments can easily fade from memory. This post is dedicated to providing one last look at some of the milestones and celebrations that occurred in the life of the St. Joseph School District in 2017.

Reflections on Accountability & Critical Thinking

Lately I have been reflecting on changes within the educational profession and society at large since entering the field twenty years ago. The impact of the internet and mobile technology has led to far reaching changes in all aspects of society including instructional practice and educational leadership. Below are a few thoughts and observations as the current educational year winds down.


Continuous Improvement is Everyone’s Job

Feedback, and our ability to act on it, can fuel our success. No matter how experienced or accomplished, we all need feedback to improve. A great example of that is the picture the St. Louis Rams posted on their Facebook page last Wednesday.


I was stunned by the specific and transparent feedback these all-time NFL greats received as depicted in their 1966-67 defense manual. If one of the most dominant defensive lines in football history that included two NFL Hall of Fame members needed improvement goals like that, what about us, or our students. It’s a simple truth that there is significant power in feedback, goal-setting and progress monitoring. We can all learn from this football example, students and adults alike.