Is Your Vision Made to Stick?

Over the next few months our district will meet with the community to cast vision for the future. This is an exciting time to dream big and look beyond past challenges. The visioning process has always captured my attention with the hope and optimism that accompany it. One thing is clear after experiencing the process multiple times in multiple settings, it’s hard to make your vision stick.

Bridging the Knowing-Doing Gap

The quest for inspiration and wisdom led me to explore the published lectures of the renowned management and business philosopher, Peter Drucker. While listening to the the Audible version of the Drucker Lectures my attention piqued. Most of his early topics were interesting, but did not speak directly to my professional interests. Topics ranged widely from human existence (1943), how to maintain full employment (1957), the first technological revolution (1965), and organizational management (1967). Then the narrator introduced lecture number seven from 1971. Things suddenly became more relevant and surprising.


Mid-year Tiger Family Review

The first faculty meeting of the school year was held on August 12, 2014. During that meeting a vision of learning was shared with the faculty that included five action steps to guide our efforts. With each passing day we approach the midpoint of the year which serves as an optimal time to reflect on progress toward our goals.