Using PBL & STEM to Energize Learners

Earlier today, I had the opportunity to attend the Carnegie STEM Excellence Progressing Workshop at the Heartland Foundation in St. Joseph, Missouri. This was the second workshop in the Northwest Missouri region specifically designed to support strategic planning and implementation of STEM education. This post will recap the workshop and provide links to the resources shared by presenters.

Intentional Forestry

The proverb below is a perennial favorite for many. It can be used to motivate or encourage initiative, especially if you find yourself in some form of a stagnant condition. While I admire the underlying philosophy of optimism and hope, there is another truth to this saying that deserves examination. Lately I have been drawn to this proverb and have considered what it means in relationship to a return on investment and educational outcomes in general.

Class Rank, Grading & Recognition Trends

School districts across the country have been examining practices related to class rank, weighted grades and graduation for nearly a decade. Tradition has protected the longstanding practice of ranking high school students and honoring those who secure a place in the top 10%, or the coveted title of salutatorian or valedictorian. For many years, class rank was a valuable metric considered critical to compete for scholarships or college admission. That may no longer be the case. Many of the top high schools in the nation have overhauled existing practices to better support student learning and promote rigorous coursework.