Course Corrections

Stakeholders in a community or organization hold distinct perspectives on the definition of success, on what is necessary to achieve desired outcomes and whether change is necessary for improvement. Some may vigorously defend the status quo or wax nostalgic about a “golden age”. Regardless of where you stand on the need for change, outside forces tend to control and dictate the urgency. Staying the course is rarely a viable option for maintaining relevance or finding new value for constituents.

Looking Back at EdCampStJoe

A unique professional learning event took place earlier today in St. Joseph, Missouri. EdCampStJoe, a free educational conference for educators and facilitated by educators was held at Hillyard Technical Center. Around 60 participants joined the learning from several Northwest Missouri school districts and the Kansas City area.

Training Camp

As an educator, late July has always been an exciting time of the year. This is the “educational pre-season” and very soon schools across the country will kick off their own version of training camp for staff. Optimism and idealism are at their peak during this phase of the year as goals are aligned, structures are implemented, and the academic year is set in motion. No matter how positive or organized the start of a school year might be, the inevitable challenges of the year can slow momentum and distract us from our goals or action steps. Given the investment of resources during training camp, that’s a problem worth exploring.