Learning Rounds Protocol
Based upon the Harvard model of instructional rounds, this protocol can be used effectively for small group rounds. This protocol is recommended for site-based rounds or networked rounds. The power of this approach is the objective nature of the observation, substantive debriefing by the group, and the ability to deeply explore a self-identified problem of practice.

Middle School Education Guide
The purpose of this document is to support transitions to and from middle school, clarify accountability expectations for students, support success at the 9th grade level related to credit attainment and improve communication about course offerings in the St. Joseph School District.

This blog has been developed as a resource for participants of #pbischat, a weekly Twitter chat with
over 8,200 followers.  Launched on July 29, 2014, the purpose of #pbischat is to facilitate a dialogue between educators about best practices related to PBIS in the school setting. 159 archived chats are available on the #pbischat blog.

Strive for “5” St. Joseph
This blog has been developed for stakeholders in St. Joseph, Missouri. The purpose of this blog is to share why regular school attendance matters, communicate state and district policy, and transparently report K-12 attendance data. The main page has several helpful research links about the impact of chronic absenteeism.

Teaching & Learning Resources
This blog has been developed to support teacher development in the St. Joseph School District. Resources are available for performance-based teacher evaluation, continuous improvement, curriculum, and reports from the Academic Services Department.

Transfer Student Induction Model
Developed in 2010, this process is a proactive system that provides individualized support for highly mobile students.  This model is a multi-step process that involves parents, students and staff.  This model is designed to safeguard the fidelity of the induction process, build relationships with new students, and support existing school climate.